About Us

WHO WE ARE - a new startup project, a team of engineers and IT specialists who can produce their own charging stations, as well as install them, operate and provide maintenance. We are growing every day, introducing new technologies and increasing the number of places for charging. We have the skills and technologies to install stations in every outlet, service and place where it is possible and convenient to use them.

COMPANY MISSION - is to develop a safe network of charging stations and help in the use of electric vehicles for easy and convenient travel to anywhere in the country.

OUR TEAM - from specialists from all over the world, with whom we constantly think about new ideas, ways of stable and comfortable work of stations. And also about modern customer service.

OUR STATIONS - are designed and manufactured in Bulgaria and can charge all types of electric vehicles. All our stations contain a full-fledged computer with which it can perform any created and non-created functions. They are assembled and checked by our specialists. The stations we create are for use by every owner of an electric vehicle. We want to emphasize that our stations are not for sale.