There are two types of charging stations: alternating current charging stations, called AC stations, and direct current charging stations, called DC stations.

AC stations in most cases allow you to charge an electric car with a power of up to 22 kW, which roughly corresponds to a mileage of 100 km for 1 hour of charging. The main purpose of such stations is to charge electric vehicles, where their owner usually spends a lot of time, for example: a shopping center, shop, gym or other time-consuming facilities. The price of an AC station without installation is usually around 1500 euros. The installation of such stations on transport infrastructure facilities, such as petrol stations or car repair shops, is justified when, in principle, there is no charging infrastructure to allow recharging of an electric vehicle in the event that the driver cannot reach the DC fast charging station. It is such AC stations that are already mounted at dozens of locations.

DC stations, according to fast charging standards, allow you to charge an electric car with a power of up to 400 kW, but you can often find permanent stations with a power of 30 and 50 kW, less often 60/80/100 kW. Charging at a 30 kW station provides 150 km of run in 1 hour of charging, a 50 kW station - about 200 km in 1 hour of charging, a 60 kW station - about 250 km in 1 hour of charging. The cost of DC stations starts at 10,000 euros. At this stage, we installing 90 kW stations with subsequent upgrade to 120 kW.


  1. 1. A modern indicator of your business. Having a charging station in your parking lot means that your company continues to work over time.
  2. 2. The appearance of a parking lot for electric cars will lead to new potential customers. On average, it takes 1 to 3 hours to charge an electric car, and the owner of the electric car will be sure to visit you.
  3. 3. Ability to use the charging station by you or your customers under separate conditions. If your company or customers want to use the charging station, we can create a special access card.


  1. 1. Have a parking space at your facility.
  2. 2. Electrical connection: for AC stations - 7 kW single-phase is minimum, 43 kW three-phase is optimal, for DC stations - 65kW is minimum, 150kW is optimal.
  3. 3. The work on the installation of the station and the meter, the connection with electronic invoicing is carried out by our specialists with the installation of the necessary security automation.


Less than 10,000 electric vehicles are registered in Bulgaria for 2023. Thus, it is not necessary to talk about the payback and profitability of the charging station, taking into account the costs of its maintenance. At the moment, the presence of a charging station at your facility is definitely a positive marketing ploy, showing the desire for new technologies and eco-related topics.
As minimum we cover all installation-related costs, such as: purchase of stations, installation of power and network cables and all necessary costs for automation, installation and configuration of the station. Your expenses are 0 leva. As a result, you get charging stations at your facility at zero cost. We will pay the cost of electricity by the meter once a month, service and maintain the station.
For restaurants, shops, fitness centers and car washes, in addition to the above conditions, we are ready to offer a percentage of net profit. With shopping centers, gas stations, as well as with locations located close to roads with a lot of car traffic, we are ready to negotiate on individual terms, including the rental of parking spaces with a monthly payment.



Customers. New clients. It is no secret that at the moment the electric car is not only a car, but also a modern high-tech innovation that attracts the attention of those who want to save daily expenses, as well as people interested in everything new, who know everything that is modern , smart and interesting. These people will understand everything interesting, share what they have learned on their social media pages, post photos and comments. And they will become your regular visitors. You will get new customers, smart and interesting customers.


The charging station is mounted on a wall or pole next to the parking lot. An electrical cable from your electrical board is connected to it. In front of the stations, we install an electrical panel with automatic protection and an electric meter.


We make an electrical connection from your main electrical board where we can get at least 7 kW of power (230 volts, 32 amps, 1 phase). For maximum power, each AC station needs 43 kilowatts (400 volts, 63 amperes, of 3 phases), but we have solutions that allow us to use a single 11/22/43 kW connection across several stations without limiting power through restriction of stations. For example, if you connect three Nissan Leaf to three charging stations, the total power will be 22 kW. For nominal power of DC station needs 65 kW (400 volts, 100 amperes, 3 phases) electrical power connection.
In the case of installing a DC station, the issue of connecting to the mains is solved individually.


We can start the installation of the stations after agreeing their quantity, the scheme for laying the power cable and signing the contract within few months.